Virtual Reality Development Studio



30 Years Experience in Developing 3D Content

We are an industry leading company offering original art, technical solutions and innovative designs with experience that has pioneered 3D graphics to where it is today.

We bring artistry and mastery together to bring light into the machine,
we are Luminous4D.

Some of the clients we have proudly served

Who We Are

Luminous4D was founded as an answer to the lack of true ability and vision in the virtual reality industry, and to steer the destination of the most powerful technology since the printing press. We lead in this field because of our background in the 3D animation industry.

We have worked with Fortune 100 firms, movie studios, and leading gaming developers. Always remembering our roots, we continue to produce self-published VR titles, allowing us to explore without constraint our imaginations, keeping us passionate for the future.

By creating and exploring this new technology, and the ability to tell stories and engage the human psyche unlike anything before, this in turn allows us to bring innovate business solutions and data visualization to those at the forefront of their industry.


Multiple award-winning developers each with 30 years experience pioneering 3D graphics.

Advanced modeling and designs, successfully delivering innovative projects of any complexity at the leading edge.
Specialized in creating rich immersive, empowering, and socially-responsible contents.

Transforming how people interact and envision virtual reality. Visionary approaches to connectivity with worldwide evolving consciousness.
Multicultural and multilingual team utilizing deep philosophical and perceptual understanding.

Knowledge of mythology and technology to bring enlightening experiences at the very edge of possibilities.


Starting with our imagination, technical & creative projects come to life quickly and collaboratively, allowing for ideas to mature, and the correct solution to be found. We know our process, and embrace all the skills required to achieve a final product, no matter the size or type of challenge.

You will see many of these illustrations realized as VR recordings in our demo reel.

Our Tools