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Specialized in creating immersive, empowering, exciting and socially-responsible contents. Transform how people interact and envision virtual reality. Visionary approaches to connectivity with worldwide evolving consciousness.

Our Team

Joshua Nelson - Founder/CEO

Joshua is a Founder and CEO of Luminous4D. His expertise comes from over 30 years of working in visual technologies, real-time 3D animation, simulations, and technically accurate visualizations. He worked with many of the development pipelines, and have applied these skills in emerging markets 'first-ever' situations, and adoption of innovative technology. Joshua worked with such firms as: Lucas Arts, Storm Front Studios, Star Trek/Paramount Pictures, Rocket Science Games and others. Several of his projects won awards including first prize from Autodesk and were recognized by industry publications. His lectures at various conferences have been published and sponsored by industry leading corporations.

Thomas Knight - Master Modeler

Thomas is a professional with 30 years of experience in 3D digital modeling specializing in 3D Studio Max with experience in a diverse range of applications from forensic science and crime scene reenactment, to computer gaming, real-time 3D cartoon animation, and virtual worlds. Tom has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and production industries such as Disney, Discovery Channel, DreamWorks Studios to name a few.

Lucas Tabachnick - Developer

Lucas is a game developer with experience supporting various hardware devices, VR interfaces and using the latest software tools to achieve stunning overall game production. In the time with us Lucas has helped us to succeed with several products ranging from Data visualization to games and VR experiences.

Yashoda Emam - Office Manager

Yashoda graduated from the University of Wroclaw, Poland, with a Masters of Psychology with major in psychology of management. She specializes in managerial competences, management styles, negotiation and managerial problem solving. At Luminous4D she manages our team of professional developers towards achieving the company’s objectives. Her holistic management style honoring human dignity focuses on synergistic creativity and transdisciplinary collaboration of multicultural team. Yashoda has regularly visited India, where she focuses on her inner development through meditation, music, and chanting mantras. She traveled around the world and recorded an album "Longing for the Divine” which is a collection of devotional songs from India (Kirtan), presented in a World Fusion style. Her hobby is studying violin.